A Glimpse In The Future(2.0)

Adriraj Mukhopadhyay
3 min readDec 7, 2020

This article provides a glimpse at the 2.0 version of myself. This article is set in 2025. This is also the biggest step taken so far by me as I disclose my future dreams and challenge myself to become my version 2.0 .

Adriraj Mukhopadhyay

Vision 2025

It is the year 2025. And today, the main protagonist of this excerpt is none other than the famous digital marketer and blogger, Adriraj Mukhopadhyay. Belonging from a rather unknown place of West Bengal, in just five years Adriraj has become one of the top 15 digital marketers and bloggers in India earning more than 20 crores per annum. So awe-inspiring has his ascension to become a digital mogul been that he is known by the nickname, The Legend, amidst his fellow bloggers of the digital world. He has gone to become one of the most coveted and promising digital marketers and bloggers in India and the world in his niches of Movie Review, Digital Marketing and Stock Market.

Starting with his movie review blog, _________, in December 2020 — a purely experimental venture, he quickly went on to become an expert in SEO, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and running Google and Facebook Ads. His movie review blog became quite popular in a short time amassing as much as more than 1 million monthly visitors pertaining to its reader-friendly movie reviews.

Next, he went on to launch a blog on stock market and personal finance, _______, to fulfil his dream of educating the mass of learned youth on the need to understand and manage personal finances as well as to decipher the art of investing. His blog soon became very popular owing to its in-depth, nuanced yet very simple articles. He fulfilled his dream of simplifying the understanding of finances and investing. Thanks to his efforts, personal finance is slowing becoming a household word for many. He then launched his digital marketing blog, _______ , which has made him an authority in the niche and has earned him great respect and appreciation owing to his charismatic style of simple, yet in-depth writing.

Finally, in the early 2024, he launched his digital marketing agency which set the ball rolling of his entrepreneurial journey. He heads a team of 10 very talented, amazing and versatile men and women who are contributing towards his vision of making his agency the best in India. He works out of Kolkata headquarters, a place he dreams to make a hub for changemakers.

Despite all these gigantic successes he has remained humble and has managed to retain his characteristic smile reflecting the unending source of positivity he holds inside. He is a man of few words. When asked about his immense success, he says with his usual smile, “ I am just a simple man who learned to write.”.

He gives full credit of his success to his mom and his both mentors — Sandeep Maheshwari and Deepak Kanakaraju. He says all these became possible because of the Digital Deepak Internship Program he enrolled himself into 5 winters before. From thereon his life skyrocketed, he says.

In his leisure time, he loves travelling, watching movies and spending time with his friends. He is also crazy about health and fitness. He is an avid reader and meditator. He takes special interest in science and spirituality as he finds both these subjects fascinating. He believes the key to success in developing absolute clarity about one’s domain and embrace the principle of life-long learning.

He also is a part of an NGO that helps rural girls from West Bengal get educated, learn self-defense and become independent financially.